Why have all my completed Asana tasks just changed to mark complete? #forum-en

This afternoon all our completed tasks just changed to mark complete? Hundreds of completed jobs across the company account reappeared as ‘recently assigned’ with ‘mark complete’ even though the jobs were compiled and closed off - some months ago.

Anyone know how this might have happened and how to fix it?

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @BG_2044 :wave:

Have you asked everybody in your team already? Maybe somebody has unmarked them as complete by mistake?

Can you open one of these tasks and check the comment section to see what shows there?

Because it should show what happened when for a task.


Thanks Andrea,
Unfortunately it’s not that. Thanks for the suggestion.
All the jobs - hundreds of them have changed from complete to appearing like new jobs. The task tracking in each job says ‘Amanda created this task’ - Amanda was not online at the time the job status changed for all complete jobs.

Hey @BG_2044, I see. Since it says Amanda created this task it could be that she has set up a rule or set something to recurring. Hard to tell without being able to investigate.

I recommend reaching out to Asana Support in this case.


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