Linking 'duplicate tasks' to the same task

So I have a board view called ‘FEATURE->ENVS’ that lets me see what features are in which ENV.
So it’ll look like this for the boards:

I first put a task for a new feature in DEV.
Then when it looks good to the devs, then I duplicate the same Task, and put in QA for testing.
Then when passes QA, i put into then I duplicate, and put in STAGING (for business acceptance testing).
Then when passes STAGING, then I duplicate, and put in ‘APPROVED FOR PROD’.
Then when finally gets deployed to PROD, I may just clear out the task (by deleting all of the duplicates and just put the original task in an ‘Archived/Done’ Project.

But it would be nice so if I wanted to add some things to the description/comments… i could do in 1 task and it updates all the others. So each Task is basically just a pointer to the originally task (but still allowed to be under a separate board). Not sure if this is possible… especially if at some point I want to remove the ‘linked’ ones from the other boards and just have the 1 task move over to another project.
Its fine if Asana doesn’t do something like this (as I have manual steps to help me out), but thought I’d ask.

@Arian_Hojat1 :wave: Welcome to the community!
Could you please give some more information on why you duplicate the task and either just use one task or add subtasks?