Add an action to Rules to "Duplicate task"

Hello -

I would like to create a rule that duplicates a task and moves that duplicate task to another project.

Is this possible?



Hello @Ben_Lipper welcome to the Asana forum.
At this time there is no such rule.

Hi @Ben_Lipper, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! As mentioned by @Charlie_Pilch, this Rule is not currently available in Asana.

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category to give you and other Community members an option to vote for this feature! :slight_smile:

I’ll loop back in with you on this thread should our Product team make any updates here!

@Ben_Lipper You can also look at Flowsana as a possible solution:


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Thanks for the mention @Paul_Grobler .

Flowsana’s rules can move or add a task to another project. Alas there is no capability for duplicating a task. This request has come up a couple of times in the past few weeks, though - @Ben_Lipper can I ask what your specific use case is, to help me evaluate if it it’s something I might want to add to Flowsana?

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When designing some rules in my projects, I miss the possibility to automate the creation of new task by duplication of existing. Use case for example is when a Task arrives in a section as trigger, I would like this tasks to be duplicated and then assigned to new assignee. Right now I need to duplicate a full list of tasks, then add them to a section on which the automation will then run accordingly (duplicated tasks moved to different sections and assigned to different assignees). Really a shame the duplication is not available as action this would allow for more end-to-end automation. The use case described is particularly useful when launching a UAT campaign comprised of multiple Runs of test and for which the task is a test scenario.

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Hi @Mauro_Portela, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! As it stands, it’s not possible to duplicate a tasks using Rules. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback: Add an action to Rules to "Duplicate task".

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Hi Phil! For our company, we have one project that lists our clients and then a project for each process we run for a client (the same set of 10 processes happens for every client every year so 10 projects a year it’s better than making a project for each of 400 clients).

The tasks in the “Process Projects” are linked as subtasks to the Client in the Client List. That way whenever you open a client, you can see a list of all the processes we have completed for that client in one place but we can track the processes for all clients in one board. It would be amazing to have a certain change to a task in Project 1 trigger a new task created in Project 2, assigned to a designated person or the same as the original task assignee and named based on some custom fields in the triggering Project 1 task - ie:

  • When a task in RFP Project is moved to
  • Section: Certified,
  • Create a new Task in Project: New Funder,
  • Name New Task : “Custom Field 1” - “Custom Field 2” (from Original Task)
  • Assign to: 1 person always OR Same as original task

Not having to manually create or upload tasks in every process would be amazing. Currently, the manual labor is making us look at asana alternatives :frowning:



For my team, the use case would be Onboarding new hires. Currently, we utilize sections as the tasks that my onboarding team must complete for each new hire (provision tech, send welcome email, etc.) + training events, 1:1 coaching sessions, etc. that the new hire must attend prior to graduating onboarding. For our onboarding board, tasks are the “new hires’ names” auto-pulled from the company’s new hire board.

Having the option to create a rule that doesn’t MOVE the task to the next section once marked complete, but leave the task in the original section marked complete & ADD the task to the next section (marked incomplete) where an additional rule can be put in place to assign to the appropriate onboarding member once the new hire has been added to that section. This would avoid having to manually recreate the tasks (names & additional info like Mgr name, etc.) as they move down the sections.

Any guidance on work-arounds is welcome as well :slight_smile:

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Is there any update on the this capability?

My team would also benefit from a rule that allows you to duplicate a task, here’s how: Upon a status change (i.e. “Ready for Release”) it would be ideal for the task to get duplicated, moving the duplicated task into a new section (i.e. “Ready for Release”), while still keeping the original task associated with the overall project tasks. This helps organize the project into groups for individual contributors while still keeping all the pieces together for leadership’s visibility.


Also wondering if there’s any update here - we’re trying to create a project based on a task, but we want to keep the original task (and the only way I can figure out how to do that is to convert the task to a project).

The example is a regular member event, and we need to do a series of tasks before that event. So when the event gets scheduled on our organizational event calendar in Asana, we’d like to duplicate it, to then create the preparation project from a template.

Our workaround at the moment is just to create a new task when the member event task is created, but there isn’t a way (that I can tell) to name the task based on the originating task, and more detail would be helpful.

The way we were originally trying to do this was just to create a series of tasks off of the member event task once it was created, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to trigger due dates BEFORE a due date, only after. These are preparation tasks, so they should happen before the due date, aka date of the event.

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I would love to know the status of the update as well. Having a duplicated task option would make my life so much easier.

Hi Phil,
Here’s another use case. We’re a digital marketing with business development team and an operational one.
In one project we list the “Deals/Opportunities” being addressed by the Business Development team, with specific subtasks for the Lead Generation process. If our proposal gets approved, I would like to duplicate the task to another project, where the operational team takes over. I would like a duplicate because I don’t want all previous comments (that have pricing info, for example) to get passed through to the operational team, but I do want to replicate other information that are already in the original task, such as name, market, product type (both custom fields), description, plus a couple of more.

@Kat_Hemann @Katy_Kiefer @Steph_Shoell,

Asana doesn’t provide a public roadmap or comment on unreleased features, so there won’t be any information updates unless/until such a feature is developed and released.


Good use case!