Any way to create User @mentions using API?



Hello Asanas,

I am trying to find a not hacky way to @mention someone using the API. As I know the id in tag is not similar to the user id but redirects to the user list of tasks and this id is not available in the user record.

Any fancy ideas are always welcome :slight_smile:



Any thoughts @Matt_Bramlage or @Jeff_Schneider?


When you have User object, it has an id, see Just put URL in form of${}/list

in Task.notes or Story.text and it’ll appear as @user mention.

Is URL format mentioned above the thing that you were searching for?


Thank you for your reply @Myroslav_Opyr.

Your solution is not working. The problem is that the user id is not the same with the id at the URL for the user’s task list. I don’t know why Asana has impement it that way but there is no way to know the user’s task list id and use it to mention someone in a task or comment.


Very true :frowning:

Mine task list ID is my id+6.


I was able to get a list of all my team IDs from terminal calls.

Then, I had to do a lookup every time I wanted to mention that user or assign them as a follower.


Hey @Noel_Howell1,

You can assign a task to a user or added him as a follower using his id but you cannot mention him using this id.

What is the url format you used to mention a user in a task description or in a comment?