@mention a user in a story on a task

I’m trying to figure out how to mention another user in a story on a task. From what I can tell, the way to do this is by linking the user you want to mention’s task list. However, as far as I can tell it is not possible to actually get this information for a separate user (see: Get a user's task list -- forbidden Error - #2 by Carlos_Guido_Guido)

There is a separate thread here: Any way to create User @mentions using API? that has gone stale, a suggestion there is to get a list of users in the workspace and then pull the task list id from there, however as far as I can tell the user’s task list id is not returned in this request.

Given these constraints, is it impossible to mention a user in a story if the origin is from the API? This seems like some pretty basic functionality that the API should be able to support, the commenting API’s use is pretty severely limited without this capability.

Hi @Aaron_Wilson,

You can’t retrieve the actual items contained in the user task list of another user, but you can get the gid of a user’s user task list via this endpoint: Asana

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Hey @Phil_Seeman, that call gives me a 403 forbidden when I call it with another user’s id

Well darn, I was sure that would work, but I guess not! :sob:

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I was able to find a workaround although it’s not exactly ideal. You can get the list of user’s workspace memberships, then filter it to the correct workspace, then get that specific workspace membership which returns the gid for the user’s task list.



Good work, @Aaron_Wilson!

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