Set "All Task activity" by default

Honestly it’s such a downgrade. I appreciate the new feature, but it should be possible to set a default behavior. Honestly, it would be best if Asana just remembered what was the last selected option. If I choose All activity on some task, Asana should remember it for every task until I change it back to Comments.


It took me about 10 days to figure out how to view “All Activity” again - I thought something was broken.

I 1000000% agree - we need to be able to set our default view on our profile somewhere. My team all wants “All Activity” - not just comments.


Please bring back “All Activity” as the default. Or make it a setting.

Asana, what is the delay?


+1 for “All Activity” showing by default, or having the option as an Admin to toggle the default here.

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I find this the single most annoying thing Asana have implemented in a long time. I use the activity feed on every single task I view (and there are a lot !), and having to change the setting every time is WAY beyond an inconvenience.
I vote for putting it back as it was, or give the user the option to set their own view settings in the profile page.

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+1, this should definitely be configurable for Admins
Hope that the Asana team will implement this soon :pray:

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I agree, I prefer the “all activity” as the default

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Each Team should have a default, which applies to new Projects
Each Project should have a standard, with function at Team level to adjust all projects
Each user defaults to the project setting, unless they explicitly set their preference.

Add a hint for users (and existing projects) that there is a new setting available to configure this.

Have existing projects default to what is closest to what it has always been.

This workflow will prevent any end-user annoyance, while offering the controls desirable.
If all these types of settings are done the same way, then adding new ones becomes a trivial task.

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+1 This is really annoying to change the view for every task from comments to activity

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Annoys the heck out of me, this needs to be user-configurable if it survives testing.

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THANK YOU for asking! A HUGE part of my process is being able to see what is happening with a task, not just reading the comments. I’ve switched to All Activity in the majority of the tasks I look at.

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Hey everyone! This is my first comment in here :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case, that autoselection pointing comments only is very problematic. The problem is → that specific type of informations represent 80% of what I need asana for. I do not see myself using Asana for long if tracking that information become more annoying that what it already is.

Any update from the Asana team on this one please? Our team is losing hours clicking this “All activity” selector on every task, this is ridiculous. We’ve already had problems when we missed some important update on the task just because we didn’t remember to scroll up 100+ comments to switch to All activity. This is a serious downgrade. I can’t imagine what lead Asana product team to think that updates other than comments are less relevant. We have tags, sections, multiple fields etc., they are all super important in reflecting the current status of task. We need to see all these changes every time to know where we are at with each task and the Asana team has just hidden it from us. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Hello everyone, and thanks for the feedback shared so far.

This A/B test is still running and scheduled to be completed this week. Our product team will analyse the results to see whether the experiment will be shipped or not. Rest assure, we are reading all your comments on this post, and we will take your suggestions into consideration.

I will post an update in this thread as soon as I have more information. Have a nice day!

Can we please ask NOT to be a part of the A/B tests that have a negative impact on our business?


Also prefer All Activity to be the default. Hate switching from Comments (mostly useless for me).

Should either remember preference or be user-configurable preference. Thanks!

Came here to +1 this. I’d love to go back to seeing all activity by default.


Hi everyone, as promised, here is an update to let you know this feature is now available to all customers, and we have included an option to set All activity as the default view for all tasks :slight_smile: You just need to select “All activity” and your choice will persist for future tasks until you change it, if you choose so.

This will hopefully solve your requests on this thread to have all task activity visible always.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, I will make sure to pass your suggestions to our product team for consideration in the future!

Have a nice weekend!


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