Set "All Task activity" by default

I noticed this morning that all my tasks are now only showing Comments, not the full history of activity like I’ve grown accustomed to. There’s a button to switch between “Comments” and “All Activity”, but that reverts to Comments each time I click out and back into a task.

Is it possible to set my personal default to “All Activity” instead?
(We have a lot of tasks switching between sections, and it’s necessary to see who moved it to a given section and when)


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This sounds like an A/B test (cc @Forum-team?) because I don’t see this.

Can you share a screenshot (with any personal info hidden)?

Also, don’t forget to click the purple Vote button at the top here to vote for your request.



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Here are a couple screenshots as examples.

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Interesting; thanks! That’s new to me, but what I expected based on your description.

I added my vote.

I wonder if instead of:

  • All activity
  • Comments

it’s clearly to use either:

  • All activity
  • Comments only

or even:

  • Comments + activity
  • Comments only



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I don’t have much of a problem with the clarity. I just want to not have to manually change it to All Activity every time I look at a task. :person_shrugging:


I understand. I shouldn’t have tossed in a second issue but I think it’s clear this topic is voting for your request to set the default.

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No worries! I appreciate the discussion.

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Hi, we are having the same issue.
We strongly prefer the All Activity to be default.


I wondered if others had the same opinion on this.
I’d also like an option to choose to see all activity by default


Yup, I agree, the default should remain as to what users have been accustomed to, i.e ‘All activity’.

But, perhaps in order to ‘please-all’, I think the setting should remain set at a user level. i.e if a user sets to ‘All activity’ or ‘Comments only’ then Asana should ‘save’ that preference for ALL task details’ activity logs, until switched again.

@lpb, your thoughts?


Your suggestion sounds good to me!



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Totally agree it should default to All Activity. Its really annoying to have to change from Comments every time I look at a task.


Same here, we prefer the All Activity default


Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

This update is currently part of an A/B test we are running. I have shared your suggestions with our Product Team, so they can consider them when analysing results.

I will let you know if we decide to launch this update to all customers after this experiment!


The new default is super annoying.
Also, Asana isn’t always blazing fast, and I use the activity to see when the task has finally saved.

Multiple members of our team also complained today


Same here, I need to check the activity of multiple tasks and it is very annoying. Would be great to be able to toggle the default functionality.


My team also noticed these changes and we are NOT a fan. We prefer to default to All Activity. :confused:


Agreed. Added my vote, as well. I had created a new topic, thinking this was a bug or something, but was made aware of this topic here that discussed the same thing. Didn’t realize there was an All Activity/Comments drop-down all of a sudden. Just feels like every day I load Asana lately, more and more issues pop up.


The Comments section of tasks used to show information about what had been updated in the task. For example, it would show when the task was moved between sections, and who moved it. It would show when the status was changed, and who changed it. This information was valuable to us, but it is no longer being shown.

I’m using Asana Premium with Google Chrome V115.0.5790.110.

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