"Assigned to" note not showing

When a task changes who it’s assigned to, there’s a task note. That way you can see when a task moves between people. This feature hasn’t been working consistently for the last few days and it’s annoying because I can’t tell when tasks are assigned to different people, such as who and when.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: see above

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Browser version: Firefox 115.0.2 (64-bit) for Ubuntu

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Basic

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Hi @Scott38,

It’s actually not a bug but an A/B test that Asana is running to test out a possible product redesign.

Change “Comments” to “All activity” here:

You might also want to add your vote on this thread if you think “All activity” should be the default: Set "All Task activity" by default

I see, that wasn’t obvious at all. “All activity” should be the default, and it should stick throughout my use of Asana, I shouldn’t have to fiddle with that on every single task I look at. I have voted for a profile-wide default.

On a side note, are you aware of a feature request thread where things like “4 more comments” will automatically expand? There’s never a time in which I want comments to be hidden, that’s one of the #1 problems in our organization, having to teach people that “oh, you don’t see it because Asana hides comments in a little link”. I always want to see all comments. Further down those lines, I also don’t want Asana to make me have to click on the “See More” link, that’s also confusing in that things are hidden. I wish there was a way to show all parts of all notes by default (or at least a profile setting).


How about this one?

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman , I guess that’s it for this topic. I don’t know how to mark it as completed / resolved / whatever so I’ll let you handle that, please.

Oh, I marked it as having a solution and now “This topic will close 7 days after the last reply” so I guess that takes care of it.

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