Full visibility of all task changes history including any changes to custom fields in short period

It would be incredibly helpful if the comments/activity section of each task could contain a FULL history of all changes to that task including any changes to custom fields. It is my understanding if one user makes multiple consecutive changes to the same task property within a 24 hour period (where by “consecutive” I mean one user makes multiple changes without another user changing that property), the activity stream will only show the most recent change made. For audit purposes, it is essential that all changes be displayed. If the task view is not the place for this, maybe a “task history export” could be developed where I could export the task history into CSV/Excel.

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Ping @Ross_Grambo, any plan to change that 24 hours window?

(It’s actually out of the API team’s control; it’s a function of the coding in the core web app - the API team is limited by the events available to them in the platform itself.)


Thanks @Phil_Seeman :+1:t3:

@Tim_Rametta, this isn’t in our near terms plans, but thanks for creating this thread, I’ll be sure to keep you posted here once I have an update on this topic!

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Recording entire history for all field updates is extremely important and should be in ASANA’s near term plans. I echo the request to allow exporting of this information as well.


Surprised this doesn’t have more visibility and votes, audit trail has been a massive hole in Asana for years and apparently still isn’t being addressed?

Much as I love this platform it’ll never be taken seriously as a large scale project management solution without some due diligence baked in…


Hello! Apologies if there is a more recent conversation on this, but I believe that this feature was added at some point and was extremely helpful (e.g. reverting a due date or an accidental field update). However, as of recently like the last week or so, tasks no longer show any of these updates in the task history feed. Is this a change that Asana implemented or is this information living somewhere else now? It’s been very disruptive to our team unfortunately so we’re really hoping the information still lives somewhere we can access it. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Taylor_Cohen,

No, actually not - Asana still performs “story consolidation” i.e. does not show multiple changes to a field by one person within a 24 hour period. So this Product Feedback thread is still relevant.

Here you’re referring to a new Asana feature that’s not related to this Product Feedback request but is discussed here:

As mentioned in that thread, you’ll need to use the new “All Activity/Comments” dropdown to switch between viewing those two types of info.

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Thank you so much! Totally missed that little update.

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When I edit a custom field, I can see who created, all the history of people who edit it and the current status, but I can not see the changes that each user did along the time. It will be very beneficial to keep track of what changed and who did it as with the tasks.