Hide or toggle off "Updates" to reduce unnecessary clutter in the Task details display?

I notice multiple requests (dating back a couple years) for Updates and task history to be toggled off, but have not seen where this was addressed or resolved. I can imagine it could be helpful to have a menu option to go look at the history of task updates if you ever needed to figure how who changed what, but my guess is that would be very rare, and having the screen real estate cleaned up to only show what really matters would be far more beneficial to me. Is there a way to hide these “Updates” that show me every single time I moved back a due date?

Hello @John_Lehman1,
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Are you referring to any changes?
Because when a due date is changed it will show who did it and to which date it was amended. If the description is amended this will show as well.

Or do you refer to somebody else?

You can configure email notifications here: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana or is there something else you would like to change? If so a screenshot would be helpful to see what exactly you are referring to.

Hi Andrea, thanks for the quick response!

The screen snip below is from the bottom-right side of the task screen for one of my tasks. Every change I have made to this task is displayed. Since I do not need to see this info, my request is for a way to “toggle off” this task history info for those of us who would prefer not to see it.

Okay I see. At this stage this cannot be disabled completely.

But it will be collapsed automatically once there are more comments see Show/Hide Activity Feed - #140

Here a potential workaround has been mentioned: Show/Hide Activity Feed - #132 by Skyler

Yes I did see that proposed work-around, but was reluctant to do that if there was a more robust solution. Thanks again for your quick response Andrea, and if possible add my request to those ahead of me that would like to see a setting that allows the history to simply be “toggled off” and hid.

I really wish there was a way to set activity feed to hidden. This is the only benefit I’ve found that Wrike has over Asana. I’ve reviewed all the boards on this topic and there still seems to be no fix - first request to Asana I’ve found is from 2017.

Totally agree. This is a needed feature.