Hide tasks with long future due date

We have a project called “Maintenance” that we use to keep track of weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly items. When a quarterly or yearly item is marked finished it still shows up with a due date of a year from now. I don’t want it to disappear totally, or we might forget that we’ve added the task in the first place, but I’d like the option to hide tasks that aren’t due for x amount of days.

Hi @Eric_Jacko2, are you looking to “hide” the task from in the Project, or just in My Tasks? I don’t believe you can do it in the Project, but you can move tasks to the “Later” section within My Tasks so that it’s out of the way until the due date is closer.

More information can be found here - How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps!

Specifically in the Project, since those are shared with many collaborators

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The only immediate thought would be to use Advance Search and conSstrain the due date. How functional that would be in lieu of a direct look at the project remains to be seen. My biggest concern would be the visibility of Sections. Some have put a tag or custom field on the actual Section line to have it show up in a search by including in the criteria

I agree - I do this for my own personally assigned items, but for other collaborators it’s not feasible. It’s significantly less likely to get things done if there’s multiple places they have to look. Working in the restaurant business, it’s often that we only get 10 minutes to look at our projects and go back to the floor. Thanks for the discussion though. Hopefully it’ll be someone else’s problem as well

I’ll echo this desire! I’d love to have an easy way to automatically hide tasks that are more than one month out.

The today, upcoming, later feature is helpful, but prompts me to lose the categories I’ve sorted tasks into in My Tasks.