Hide task from "My Task" list until due date?



My company does custom home design and we use Asana to keep up with our clients that we are currently completing projects for. I have been trying to figure out a way in Asana that we can have follow up system to give clients check in phone calls to see how the building of their house is going once they have completed their design with us. We want to be able to set up 3 follow up tasks per client for 6,9,12 months after they are done here but don’t want to clutter our task list with tons of task that aren’t pertinent until several months from now.

So I thought an easy fix might be to have the option to hide a task from the “My Task” list until the due date arrives and then it would show up on the list. This would theoretically work for archived projects too since we archive them after our clients design is done.

There may be a work around for this now so any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


@Ryon_Wilson mark the task as Later after setting a due date. Keep the later section collapsed to cut off the noise. The tasks will automatically promoted in upcoming and today sections.

When a task is marked as Later, the task will automatically move to Upcoming at midnight seven days before the task’s due date.

When a task is marked as Upcoming, the task will automatically move to Today at midnight on the day of the task’s due date.

More info
https ://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/my-tasks


This is my favorite trick. Please note that there is apparently a bug with this (this is called task auto-promotion)


Thank you for the info!

This can potentially work for us, however shouldn’t the task move into the later section on its own when you mark it for later? I only seem to have luck getting it in the the later section by manually dragging it down there. If I don’t it just stays above the later section. Not trying to be lazy just trying to figure everything out.

Just to clarify in case something is different for the way we do it…We create projects for each individual client and then create tasks in those projects.Currently all of our task lists only show one section label which is “Later” and our day to day or next weeks tasks are just arranged by due date above that section with no priority assigned.


You can use Tab+L, Tab+Y and Tab+U to move tasks to Later-Today-Upcoming. How did you mark it for Later?


I tried both Tab+L as well as clicking the New Task blue dot and then selecting the mark for later on the menu that pops up. It changes the priority however it just stays where its at and doesn’t move into the Later section.


So I see what the issue is… It only moves it on its own if you change the “Sort” to none. We have our sort set to due date and it doesn’t move on its own.


Yes, you are correct. You have to set the Sort to None to view the tasks by priority (Today-Upcoming-Later).

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-screenshot shared for future users having the same issue-

Don’t be lazy @Ryon_Wilson :stuck_out_tongue: haha I liked this. No offense, I am totally kidding.

Glad we helped :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’ll have to use the priority sorting in my tasks (or I guess it’s ‘none’ now) in order to take advantage of the today-upcoming-later stuff, but it’s SO worth it.

For the longest time I used due date sort until I got on the TUL train and I love it!

I would totally recommend you switch to it (and suggest others do too!), you can always temporarily change it to due date =)

Also @Diakoptis I think that bug was resolved!


Isn’t it the default settings?


I think so, but the reasoning behind it is confusing and not natural for new users. I immediately went ‘wtf is priority? I want sort date that’s the point of this thing.’ So I changed it and never looked back until later.

Even now, it’s called ‘sort by none’ which is probably even more confusing TBH. ‘there’s no sorting? why would I want that?’ - should be called like ‘weekly planning’ or something like that