Moving task out of My task after assigning date

Why do tasks stay still in new task after scheduling?
I thought, once we assign a due date, it will moves out of New Task.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


The new section contains all the tasks someone has assigned to you and the ones you created.
The date is the due date, and then you organize your activity as you want deciding which tasks you want to work on today, upcoming or later, but this is your decision.
You can find more info here:

So by assigning due dates, I still have to assign the task to later or upcoming.
So it has to be a two step process?

This is not a 2 steps process as there are 2 different aims:

  1. Set a due date to have a deadline
  2. Prioritize your work, this is your own organization.

Marking tasks as Today, Upcoming, or Later is for your personal prioritization, you are the only one to decide what you want to work on and in which order.

All new tasks arrive first in the new section (except if you directly create it in the upcomin/later sections), so that you are aware of this new tasks and then you decide how to prioritize it.

One of the force of MyTasks view is that the tasks with due dates that have been marked as Upcoming or Later will automatically promote through as they approach their due date.
Other than the auto-promotion feature, these sections are not inherently connected to due dates. You can mark a task as Today, even if its due date is several months away and then mark it again in Later.

As a comparison, you have a lot of post-it with deadlines. You are the only one to decide in which order you realize them, and the interest in the MyTasks view is to have a view of the few elements that you want to work on while you have the assurance that the post-it at the very bottom of the stack will go up as the deadline approaches.


If you really want something automatic, maybe there is a possibility with API? but i really don’t know … Maybe @Bastien_Siebman knows a solution?

Hi Julian,

I see. The reason why I ask is because I use “My Task” as an inbox.

When I go through it, I want to clear it out by either scheduling or delegating.

So the idea is that after I have delegated it or scheduled it, it should be cleared from my view



This is exactly what I was gonna say. There is indeed the task autopromotion where tasks go from Later to Upcoming or Upcoming to Today based on due date. But you don’t (yet?) have the system to go from New Tasks to the other section. Something can definitely be build using the API.

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Once delagated, the tasks will disappear from your MyTasks.

Yes I noticed that.
However, if I set new due date and take myself off the assignee, where will the task go?

Once assigned to a colleague, your colleague will see the tasks in his “New section” of his MyTasks.

If the task belongs to a project, it will be visible from the project.
If it does not belong to a project, then you’ll have to do a research to find it, or a report, or click on your colleagues’ profil picture to see his public MyTasks.

Reviving this, unless there is a new thread on the subject.

Interestingly, we DID have the option until recently: one could move a task in the calendar view of My Tasks, and it would move to the appropriate task bucket (Today, Upcoming or Later). Changing the due date from the task pane kept the My Task bucket the same. Somewhere along the line, this behavior changed and, while we would love to see it changed back, I understand the inconsistency this causes in the interface…

Our usages are mixed, and we would love the OPTION. We all have tasks assigned to us (making the independency important), but I also use tasks as more casual reminders that I would love to schedule freely and have the My Task bucket update automatically.

Is there another solution? Is there a possibility of having this both ways with a tick box, or is this not workable?


Question about the “my tasks” tab - anyone else have a screen that looks like the attached?!

Not sure why these tasks are saying they’re not in a project - they are, they’re just SUB TASKS.

By default, subtasks do not get attached to the project that their parent task is in. You can attach them to that (or any) project, but if you don’t specifically do any attaching to a project, a subtask will not be in any projects.


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Thanks so much for clarifying. :slight_smile: