Easily find a task in 'later' section and move it to 'today or upcoming'

I use the ‘none’ filter feature for my tasks and I have 100’s plus tasks that live in my later section as most of them are a few months (or a year) out so they don’t have due dates. Once our project managers find out projected due dates, they’ll add a date to the task. I’ll receive a notification email to inform me of the change but I can’t easily find this task in my tasks list to move it to ‘today or upcoming’ without having to go through my entire list of tasks to find the one I need to change.

Is there an easier way to find the task and quickly shift it from later to today/upcoming?

@Pachia_Moua Have you checked you Inbox in Asana that same email should be in the Inbox which will have a direct link to the task. Also doesn’t the email have a direct link to the task, I thought all of the Asana generated status emails had the link .


Perhaps @Pachia_Moua you could benefit from the keyboard shortcuts which work even when you’re not in My Tasks:


Genius!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!