Need ability to change Today/Upcoming/Later status within listing of searched tasks

This is related to other problems associated with how Today/Upcoming/Later status works. But, the current inability to change said status while in a searched list of tasks is a huge problem. Why?

You have lots of tasks due today. They initially come up in the Today section of My Tasks. You set some to Later to clear out your Today view in My Tasks. Days pass and you need to get those Later tasks back to Today in My Tasks. So, you do a search to find all incomplete tasks and sort by due date. You find the tasks that were marked for Later and change their due date to today. However, that DOES NOT automatically also change the “status” to Today which is should. Then you figure you can go in a change the status right there but the option to change from Later to Today is not available. Frustrating and not a good UI at all.

In my opinion, Today-Upcoming-Later should not really be related to the date. This is a personal choice. You might have something due in 6-month and want to do it today.

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Right. So, if you search for said task due 6 months today and then change it’s Due Date to Today common sense would have it that it will now appear in the Today section in My Tasks. However, it doesn’t work that way.

And, further to the precise point made in this thread, on a search report listing of tasks, for some odd reason on cannot individually or collectively change the status to Today/Upcoming/Later.

Accordingly, there’s no way to easily achieve even the workflow you’re suggesting other than finding that thing due 6 months in the future within your My Tasks list and then re-applying it to Today status there. That works if you have a small My Tasks list. But, most Asana users have very large tasks lists that are constantly changing.

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@Marie, It’s no longer possible to use the Mark as Today/Upcoming/Later Tab-Y/U/L shortcuts in Search Results view. Is this a bug (I hope so) or another unannounced change (I hope not). The shortcuts still work in projects, and in My Tasks of course.

@Bill_Doerrfeld, the above shortcuts used to enable you to change Today/Upcoming/Later directly from search results, and I hope will again since I agree this is key functionality. In the meantime, a workaround (one I use as a best practice anyway for tasks I mark Later that I may want to update in the future) is to add such tasks to a Pending (or other) project. I recognize this may not be ideal for you because it requires premeditation and doesn’t permit search; just offering the best workaround I can think of for right now. Note that these shortcuts are not discoverable in a menu except in My Tasks which is not a helpful UI, but they work (or used to in the case of search results).

As to changing a task’s Due Date causing a change in the task’s Marked As value, I agree with @Bastien_Siebman here. This is not how the features have been defined and such a change would adversely affect many of us…

Thanks for chiming in. Yes I’m fully aware of the shortcuts you mention. I use them extensively. The fact that they don’t work in search lists and one cannot individually change the Today/Upcoming/Later status via the “…” menu has to be a bug.

I don’t believe adding yet another project (Pending) as you suggest would represent a “best practice.” That’s introducing an unnecessary additional layer.

Regarding my suggestion that changing the Due Date to today’s date should also automatically mark it to Today in My Tasks, I really don’t understand how that can “adversely affect many of us” as you suggest. If you change something to be due today why would you NOT want to see that immediately in the Today section of My Tasks?

Having to change the Due Date to Today AND change the status to Today is unnecessarily redundant and time-consuming. I know, I suffer with that multiple times on a daily basis. I just don’t see the benefit of not automatically associating tasks marked Upcoming/Later with Today when their Due Date changes to Today. Doesn’t make sense to me why anyone would not want that.


Thanks for the report @Bill_Doerrfeld and thanks for the mention @lpb.

I’ve just tried to reproduce the issue, and I am able to move a task to Today/Upcoming/Later from a saved report or Search results.

@lpb are you able to reproduce too?

@Bill_Doerrfeld, is this happening for multiple tasks? Are you able to reproduce when logging from an incognito window?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Yes, @Marie, I can reproduce, and I just tried in incognito too and it’s the same results incognito or not: Tab-Y/U/L doesn’t work in search results, but if I visit the same task in the project it’s in, then Tab-Y/U/L works from there. I tried with one task or multiple tasks that doesn’t affect this. Odd that it fails for me (and Bill) yet works for you!

If it matters I’m using latest Chrome on Mac.

HI @Bill_Doerrfeld, @lpb & @Marie
I have just tried this as well on a Mac with Chrome and it seems to work for me…

Very Weird…


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Thanks @Bill_Doerrfeld and @lpb; could you please confirm if you’re running into the same problem when logging from an incognito window?

Could you also verify if the issue also surface with another browser?

Many thanks for your patience and help!

Hi @Marie, I confirmed the same issue occurs on a second browser for me, Safari/Mac. Earlier in this thread I had confirmed it recurred in Chrome incognito too, as well as Chrome regular.

Thanks Larry,

Would you be able to send me a screencast via DM by any chance? This would be super useful to help us investigate!

Done! Thanks…

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I’d like to be able to use Tab-Y to move tasks to Today from a search view… am I missing something?

Quick update on this topic: I spoke to our Development Team and confirmed that the Tab-Y/U/L is not captured in Search results; however, if the focus is in the task details pane (e.g. after you click on the task description) then they will work! :slight_smile:


@Marie That would explain why it worked for me as I had clicked on the actual task.


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I can confirm this behavior. When in a searched listing of tasks one needs to first “tab” into the detail pane and then select tab-Y/U/L. Is there a reason why the behavior is different in search generated lists vs project lists? Doesn’t make sense to me and I’d like to see the same behavior in all task lists. I’d also recommended updating the documentation—if not already—to reflect the different behavior between task lists.

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It’s great to understand, thanks @Marie, but I certainly agree with @Bill_Doerrfeld that it’s inconsistent and confusing and would be great if it could work for multiple selections in search results as for projects.


Yes the multiple selections point is important. A typical workflow demonstrating this involves searching across multiple projects for tasks based upon a certain criteria and then needing to select some tasks to set for Today. As currently implemented one would need to individually go to task detail for each one and then mark each individually for Today. Too cumbersome and inconsistent with how things work in Project lists.

Hi @Bill_Doerrfeld and @lpb and thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately as it stands our search does not support these shortcut; while we aren’t planning to make some changes in the coming weeks, we will definitely keep this is mind for future improvement. I’m keeping this thread open to allow other users to vote and share their feedback, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some update!