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Hi, new user here, so possibly a silly question… I can see all my tasks under the ‘My Tasks’ List view. I think this is where I’ll generally work from, as I can see task, project, due date and tags, which is great. However, everything is generating into “recently assigned”. I can see rules that I can move something that is say due in 28 days to ‘upcoming’, but how can I move everything due in more than 28 days to ‘later’? I can’t find a way to use a greater than symbol in rules.


I don’t think you can automatically do that with Rules. (At least not without a ton of them, one for every day over 28!)

Asana doesn’t envision you working with My Tasks that way so they don’t provide that (for better or worse).

They expect that you want to see what becomes assigned to you to triage. Near-term tasks you can write rules for. But to move something to Later, you would multi-select the tasks, then use the section mover (available in the task row, footer toolbar with multiselect, and in task detail) to move them to Later manually in this way.

You may be interested in my article outlining various strategies for My Tasks:

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OK, thanks. I’m just trialling Asana at the moment, and I’m wondering if this will be a deal breaker. Almost all my tasks will be auto-assigned due to projects with repeating / recurring tasks. So I’ll mark a job as complete and next week’s (or next month’s or next quarter’s) will auto-create. This means that each time I mark a task as complete I’ll then have to go into the task list and file the next instance into the correct folder.
I guess I’ll see how I go.


Now that you’ve conveyed more details, I can offer you a solution:

Click your profile image (top right), choose My Settings menu item > click Hacks tab and you’ll see:

Ensure that Recurring tasks in last section is toggled on and click Reload to Apply.

Make sure Later is the last section of My Tasks.

That should address your issue without manual effort.


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