Move tasks between sections in My Tasks from a project

It would be great to be able to set Today/Upcoming/Later on a task you are assigned to right from a project.

Right now its only possible if you are already looking at the task in My Task, which makes for an awkward workflow, where you look at a project task and then have to browse away and search and find that task in your My Tasks, just to re-prioritize it.

This is in fact already possible, using the keyboard shortcuts. However, its not possible in the interface.


Agree totally.
AND more importantly, there should be a visual indictor of how the Task is allocated in my Today/Upcoming/Later…
Otherwise when are reviewing tasks in the project view, how do we know if we’ve already got this on our “hot” list to action today.
(apart from the small history notes when the Task is open)


I have noticed that you can see whether it’s New/Later/Upcoming/Today in the in the task pane Assignee field, like this: where its marked for Today.

Not sure if that is what you meant, though.


And if there is no icon next to the Assignee name at all, that means its New/haven’t been slotted.

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Hey. Thanks that’s great. Didn’t see that at all, very low key!

I’d prefer it next to the Assignee picture in the main list, so we can scan without clicking on each Task, but that’s very useful to know.



Hi @Joel_h, @Richard_Quinn

You can do it with the keyboard shortcuts. Just press Tab+Y to mark one of your tasks to “Today”, Tab+U for Upcoming and Tab+L for Later.

You can do it from anywhere in asana as long as the task is assigned to you.

As for the visual cue, if you open a task (even if you are in a project) you can see its classification (New/Today/Upcoming/Late) from the task pane, close to your name. There are 4 different icons close to your name (see screenshot)



Thanks Carlo, though I think I already mentioned that.

Just to clarify, this enhacement request is to make it possible to change the Today/Upcoming/Later without using keyboard shortcuts.

I feel this is already implemented, just needs support in the user interface. Many users don’t use all keyboard shortcuts, especially those that dont spend long periods of time in Asana every day.


Sorry I missed the last part in which you mentioned the no-keyboard detail :S

Hey folks! +1 to Carlo and Joel’s recommendations. :slight_smile:

You’re right, it is not possible to change today/upcoming/later in a task without the keyboard shortcut. I can certainly understand how this could improve the ux.

We don’t have any immediate changes for this planned in the near term, but if you don’t mind I’m going to note your suggestion for our product team. They may use your feedback to help inform future improvements to Asana.


If I’m not mistaken, I think this was possible before the design refresh?

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I would love to see this also. Specialy in the mobile apps. Im doing asana prioritising on my train ride home.

If you think about the learning curve in asana you probebly start of prioritising by duedate. I had hard time understanding the “today later” consept so i skipped it.
Now its i lifesaver to keep my personal todo today going. But i have this huge pile of unsigned task regarding today later assignment.

Finding the right task and moving it on my android device to today is not that userfriendly.

I know i need to sit down and get them all in the today later priority.
But if i just could go into a task and set today, later it would help me and others mutch.


Actually, what I would like to see is the most simple thing of all.

After setting date for each of my tasks, I would like to have a TODAY button, so I could see only the tasks I have for today. Something like the calendar view but not in a condensed calendar view. Rather in the usual Task list view


I’m having the same problem as Joel and Richard.
It’s very awkward to not have the same simple visual cue of today/upcoming/later at all points where you review tasks (and therefore also be able to quickly change it without a shortcut, especially on the mobile app).
For example when I’m in project view on the phone and see a task that I want to change from later to today, how would I do that?

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I don’t like this feature at all. I can’t seem to find a way to disable it.

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To see Today/Upc/Later on tasks lists, no matter what you view (my tasks, project, tags, etc.)


Same problem of Magnus here: setting priorities in Android mobile app is not that easy, one of the 2 swipe gestures, instead of having the ‘task done’ doubled, could be an intuitive and faster way to have it done.

This USED to be possible, and simple. The indicator in the task pane was clickable, and you could select Today/Upcoming/Later from there. It worked REALLY WELL. It also showed the blue dot, drawing attention to new tasks you had yet to categorise.

Generally, Asana UI is continually getting much better, but this is a step backwards.

Asana: PLEASE RETURN the clickable Marker for Today/Upcoming/Later functionality in the task pane!


+1 please!!!

Hi everyone! This feature is now available and you can move your tasks to different sections from your projects, see more details below:

If this feature is not available to you yet, it will be available soon! :slight_smile:

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