Mark for Today, Upcoming, Later in Project view

After getting the hang of using Today, Upcoming and Later in My tasks, I miss the opportunity to do the same from Project view.

The reason is, that I don’t work so much with due dates. They tend to change all the time anyway. Instead I plan day by day using mostly Mark for Today When planning I look for todays tasks in projects. From there it’s impossible to Mark for Today Please introduce that functionality.

It is possible in the mobile version, when I open a task. Unfortunately that option is missing in the web-version.

@Michael_C_Kring Agree. Was just swapping between my mobile and Web this afternoon and realised you can’t do this in the Web version. Not often that the Mobile Version has functionality that you want in the Web Version.

My scenario is that in review notes from meeting projects I add assignees and due dates in the project and then when I go back to “My Tasks” view the task is now in the “New” section which is correct but now I have to mark it for Upcoming or Later. Where is in the Mobile Version I can do that all from the Task inside the Project.


Yes. I won’t complain about the mobile version in this case.

The described scenario is not as lean as It could be.

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@Michael_C_Kring and @Jason_Woods, You actually can do this in project view of the web version by using the shortcuts (Tab-Y, Tab-U, Tab-L)!

It’s not at all discoverable (as you’ve both “discovered”), but knowing about it, I use this all the time. I recall giving feedback to Asana during some beta a while ago that this should be in the Task overflow menu as well.

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You are a legend Larry…

But of course. @Jason_Woods how about calling @LBP the “legendary discover”?



@Jason_Woods, @Michael_C_Kring, Thanks, but let’s nip this in the bud before someone flags these posts :smile: There are so many great contributors in this forum.

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This is probably one of the two most desirable features for me. Marking things for Today/Upcoming/Later is SO important. THe keyboard shortcuts mean you still need to go into each separate task to make the changes. A clickable icon, like the one found in Task view, would resolve the issue for me. If this can be implemented in the mobile app as well that would be great.

@Ashiq_Nazir, just fyi, in case it wasn’t clear, you can multi-select tasks and use the shortcuts to apply to all of them at once. (That doesn’t address the couple of other things in your post, but wanted to mention you don’t need to go into each task separately necessarily.)

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Hey thanks. That certainly will help. Still, love an icon so the initial task itself doesn’t have to open.

Note that in the Project view, if a task is not assigned to you and you do these keyboard shortcuts, nothing happens. This took me awhile to figure out, why some tasks worked and some didn’t.

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Thank you @Patri_Friedman. That was a great help.

I was just wondering if it was possible to use the Today/Upcoming/Later keyboard shortcuts from the Project view, so great to see your posts on this. I completely agree with @Ashiq_Nazir though, that it would be great if there was an icon in Projects just as there is in MyTasks, not only to easily change the status of whether it is in Today/Upcoming/Later but also to see where it is. Currently to find out where a task is I have to go into MyTasks and do a keyword search to find it!

Perhaps worth adding this as a feature request if it isn’t up already?

No, because actually the My Tasks view is going to be changing in the first few months of 2021 such that the built-in Today, Upcoming and Later sections will be going away. In its place will be a My Tasks view that works more like a regular project, so instead of those build-in sections you’ll be able to create your own sections like you can in any project.

Thanks - good to know!

@Phil_Seeman I was beginning to get the hang of My tasks. I hope the new view will be an improvement rather than the step back it sounds like reading about it.

Any news if custom fields will become also available?

Nothing to report publicly, sorry.