My tasks view + search + today/upcoming/later


I started this topic in 2018 and the situation got even worse.

Now my tasks view is harder and slower to manage than ever.
For example if I want to add a project to multiple tasks it’s now impossible to do without using the mouse.
And the fact that we always have to click on details to have the right panel open is really a burden.

But my main problem still has to do with today/upcoming/later:
As it’s impossible to have today and upcoming tasks ordered at the same time by “moment” and project I had created advanced searches and saved them to organize my tasks. In order to do that I needed to filter tasks by “moment” to create one search for my today task ordered by project, upcoming ordered by project & so on.
But now you have removed the possibility to filter tasks by moment in advanced searches.
My saved searches still work but I’m unable to create the same searches for new members of my team.

How can I get a view of my tasks by moment AND by project please ASANA team?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Pierre-Michel_Ruel and thanks for following-up. We’re working on launching a major update for My tasks which will allow you to create your own sections instead of using Today/Upcoming/Later. This is why we have removed Today/Upcoming/Later from the Search criteria.

If you haven’t yet, I would recommend upvoting Sort project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example) and comment on that thread this is something you’d like to see in My Tasks too. As I’ve mentioned just above, we’re launching a major My Tasks update in the coming weeks (keep an eye on the #announcements category for more info on this topic); this new update won’t allow you sort your My tasks by Project and Due date, but it will certainly help make My Tasks more flexible and hopefully help fix your reports!