Today / upcoming / later shortcuts in search view




I have saved searches to organize and prioritize my tasks.
And I was use to set today / upcoming / later prioritization from those views using the keyboard shortcuts Tab+Y, etc…
Since Friday it’s impossible. I can use the shortcuts in the my tasks view but not in search views.
It breaks down all my workflow.

How can I solve that please?
Thanks in advance for your help and tips.



Hi Pierre,
I’m investigating this issue with my team and Ill get back to you shortly.


HI @Alexis - I am facing the exact same issue.

In the saved search view (refine search / remove report) I used to review my tasks and change today / upcoming / later using keyboard shortcuts. But since the last few days unable to use these shortcuts in this particular view. The shortcuts still work in My Tasks view. Request you to fix this as I have been using this everyday for the last several years.



You can still get it to work if you click in the right hand pane where the task is displayed. This is still troublesome as the nice part about the search is you can multi-select many tasks and set them all, but as soon as you click the left pane to pick those tasks, it doesn’t operate again.

However… If you then click back in the right-hand pane (where it says “X tasks selected”), the TAB+(Y,U,L) shortcuts will again operate.


Hi @RyanE thanks for your reply!
As you say, it’s not perfect but it will get the job done until the situation is back to normal.
Have very nice day.

Hi @Alexis, any idea about when the situation will be back to normal?


Hi @Pierre-Michel_Ruel! Thanks for asking! I have a task out to our product team. Hopefully we’ll see an update sooner than later :slight_smile: