Filter for Today/Upcoming/Later in Advanced Search

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: A few days ago I created a report that shows me my tasks within the Today section with a certain tag. Today I tried to create a similar report and I can’t get it to filter out upcoming and later tasks… it shows me all of them. The report I saved a few days ago works and only shows tasks in Today section even though the option is not there when I click on refine search (see screenshot showing that report).

Steps to reproduce: Not sure how to reproduce… just that my saved report filters for only Today tasks and I can no longer create a report that does that.

Browser version: Chrome 86.0.4240.75 for Windows 10

Upload screenshots below:

So you are saying the option disappeared? My Tasks will become a regular project (in a few weeks or months?) so I would not be surprised if they would slowly remove some of those features as they won’t make any sense soon…

I didn’t know they My Tasks section was going to become a regular project… this makes more sense then, though I wish they wouldn’t take away a filter like this before they roll out the new functionality. I spent about half an hour trying to recreate my own saved search and just couldn’t figure out how I had done it until I came to the conclusion that there must’ve been a filter there for Today/Upcoming/Later when I created my first one. I thought I was going crazy! Thanks Bastien for your reply to my post!

Hi @Guillermo_Garrido, this function was removed a couple of weeks ago when we implemented our new members hip system for My Tasks, you can learn more about it in this other post: New! Introducing a membership system for My Tasks