Is there a way to get rid of Due Dates on some tasks?

We try to maximize the use of Asana in our workflow and sometimes we don’t need the Due Date to show up in some tasks where we keep important notes and such. With the custom field being introduced, we started to use custom fields, specifically the calendar or that field where you can input dates. This way we can set a field that represents the date when we set call appointments or dates when an upgrade is in effect, et al.

So question is, is there a way to get rid of the Due Date or have it hidden on some tasks?

You can’t totally hide it so that it doesn’t appear in a task’s detail pane. You can, though, hide it as a column in a project’s list view, using the Hide menu:

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 9.55.08 PM

I’ve tried that but it still shows in the task pane

Right, sorry if the wording of my post was unclear - that hides it from the list view, but there’s no way to hide it from the task detail pane.

is there a way to permanently hide it in lists or at least have it hidden as the default view? every time i switch projects or close the browser it reappears.

Welcome, @kw_feralchange,

Here’s how to lock in those changes:



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My issue with the default Due Date column is not being able to edit the name of the column like in the other columns that I manually add. Is there a way to do that?

Sorry, @Michelle_Paulino, you can’t change the name of standard fields like Due date (or Assignee).


Thank you, Larry. I have recently moved from another platform and I have to say I am quite frustrated with the limitations of Asana so far.


@Michelle_Paulino, you may want to vote here:

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We’re happy to try to help. It can help to understand the context or use case too, which sometimes leads to a different possibility. For example, why is it important to change the title for Due date or other fields?

I work with Events. Each row/task has an “Event Date” column and a “Staff Hire Due” date column.

The “Event Date” column simply shows the date on which an event will take place and it needs to appear in the project’s calendar. However, the default “Due Date” column that Asana has on every board becomes confusing because this is the column that shows up on the calendar instead of the “Event Date” column. Asana won’t allow me to change of that column either.

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You could vote for that by clicking the purple vote button at the top of this thread: