How to delete the due date tag

I’m not able to delete the due date tag in the below image. The Asana guide which says to hover over the tag’s name and click the X icon, does not work. I do not get an X to click. And the tags name is not clickable for me.


This is not a tag, this a native field you can’t remove, sorry.

Ok, thank you for the reply!

Hi Bastien: Can the name be changed?

You can’t change the name of native fields. Assignee, due date, dependencies… can’t be changed sorry.

Darn, thanks!

You could hide them from the list view @Debbie_Secrist and add your own date custom field. But it will show inside the tasks itself. I’m curious to hear your use case though so feel free to message.

Would be useful to have a “Meeting Notes” section that was not associated with a due date. That way, you could keep all meeting notes within the project (meeting of 1.3.21, meeting of 2.7.22, etc.) without them showing as incomplete tasks.

Hi Danielle - yes, that is what I did, but having it still show up in the task is confusing people. We want to use the term Proof Due as that is what the team works towards, but I will go back to using the Due Date field instead.

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