Send help. I erased all due dates by accident.

In my list view, the option for “mark as upcoming” and “mark as later” seems to have disappeared. We also recently upgraded to premium, maybe that’s why?

I never use this view, but in our last team meeting we were asked to assign recently assigned tasks as either today, upcoming, or later. So I moved the majority of my recently assigned to Later, which includes tasks for MONTHS in advance. All mapped out with my team.

The problem is, when I dragged them to Later, the due date disappeared. And I didn’t notice until the end. Ctrl+Z isn’t doing anything. I need to undo everything I did. Please help.

Hi @Alexanne_Oke, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and apologies for the inconvenience here! Moving a task to the later section in your My Tasks shouldn’t remove its due date. When you open the task, could you scroll down to the tasks changes and see what was the due date of the task?

If you still cannot see the previous due date of the task, I recommend you to contact our support team and share the URL of the task in which the due date was removed. When you contact them, you can share the URL of this thread to speed up the process!

Hi Emily, thanks for the reply. I think Asana erased the due date because my task list was unknowingly arranged by due date. After searching in the Asana help topics it says you can drag tasks around “unless they’re arranged by date” but it doesn’t say why. I would have really appreciated an explanation or notification that my due dates were being erased. There easily could be 100 tasks affected because I hadn’t looked at my List view in about 6 months. Every task that was assigned to me in the future has no date now.

I was unable to contact your support but my supervisor was able to submit a ticket this morning. It still hasn’t been resolved, though. I would love if the developers could simply undo my previous edits.