Disappearing due dates

Hi, I just switched from Monday to Asana and so far have had a very poor experience. Twice I have had all my due dates removed from my projects and found that this is a known issue but not one that Asana seems to think is a problem see Project list sort strips away all my due dates. No option to undo either
I just want to express that this is an incredibly frustrating and I hope that Asana looks to improving functionality and usability.

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If I understand the post you mentioned correctly, you dragged tasks into a “no due date” section? Is this what happened?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I had tasks sorted under Do Today, Do Next week, Do in the future etc and then wanted to sort tasks in those sections by due date as one can do in Asana, however when I clicked sort by due date, the tasks were no longer sorted in sections so I tried to then move the items back into their sections & I think that may be when the dates disappeared. It seems odd that you can’t sort these lists to have the tasks in order by due date. I have tried a couple of times and lost my dates both times. It is really frustrating and not a good experience.
Thanks for listening.

  • Sorry, I meant “as one can do using Monday.com” (not Asana)


I think you want to sort like this (note the toggle at the bottom):


Thank you for this!

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