Due dates all deleted

I moved groups of tasks from “recently assigned “ to upcoming and later… and all the due dates / recurring schedules have been deleted. I’ve been in contact with support, who have told me to change browsers. However when I click into the project it shows “due date deleted”.
Two questions, before I give up on Asana and find a better solution/ spend my weekend setting up the deadlines again:
1 - is this a known issue? Why would moving the tasks delete the due date / how do I prevent it happening again?
2 - any way to undo a change so I get back all the deadlines I set up?


Hi @Antonia_Connolly, thanks for reaching out here on the Forum.

This is not a known issue, we haven’t received any other reports of this. Our Support team are the best team to help you resolve this so I would continue the conversation there :slight_smile:

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