Option to HIDE recurring task until the week you work on them

When we complete a weekly, monthly or quarterly recurring task, the next recurring task will display. This can make the dashboard a bit crowded with several of the same recurring task showing, no matter how many weeks or months its pushed out. You have to sit there and look at it forever. I would highly recommend giving us an option to hide our recurring task until the week we need to work on it. Such as: hide til 7 days before due date, hide 30 days before due date.

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Hi @Dre_Richmond , welcome to the forum :wave:

No need to look at these tasks forever! You can use the filters in the List view or Board view to ‘hide’ tasks depending on their due date (as well as numerous other factors)

From the left side of the header bar, you will see the Filter button, then select Due date and then choose the filter that suits you best, such as Due next 14 days (so it will only show those tasks, not all the tasks that are due beyond the 14 days) as per below.

I understand this is not exactly what you are looking for, but it should clear up your Board in the meantime… :wink:

You can read more on using multi-filters in the Asana guide here

@Dre_Richmond : One problem with the ‘filters’ is it only affects the project view. If you use ‘My Tasks’, that view is unaffected

I created an Asana plugin that is more flexible. It moves the tasks from outside your active project into your active project when they approach the due date. The number of days in advance to make it active is also configure-able.

If you use My Tasks, it can also assign it into your choice of sections there.

I just posted a request for beta users on this plug in in this post: