Visibility of Completed Recurring tasks

Is it possible to delete the past recurring task, once the details of it are copied for future occurrence?
For e.g. When I click Done on Monthly recurring task, it should copy it’s details including metadata to next month date and delete the current month task.

Issue: As completed, recurring tasks are cluttering the project. I know, I can change the project view(and search view) to only show Incomplete tasks, but these completed recurring tasks show up in live Search as you type as well, creating confusion. I would like the completed recurring tasks to disappear from everywhere.

I get it that many users would rather prefer to see all of their past recurring tasks, as their completed work.

Proposed Solution: So, having an On/Off switch to view or hide the completed repeat tasks can serve as good way to achieve this.

I don’t believe Asana would ever do anything to hide tasks that have been done. They HAVE to exist somewhere. Up to you to move them elsewhere or rename them using automation? Zapier could help for example (and maybe soon, Asana rules as well)

Let me know if you need me to explain what I have in mind.

Request is only for completed Recurring tasks, not all completed tasks.

I believe, even moving them to another project using Rules, will still show these completed recurring tasks in Search as you type. Correct me, If am wrong.

In my case, these are monthly recurring tasks, I can’t even imagine the level of clutter people might be forced to see for weekly/daily completed recurring tasks after using Asana for few years.

To me a search is only cluttered if you are not using the right criteria. If you don’t want to see anything completed, use this criteria in your advanced search. Do you see what I mean?

That is when you hit ‘Enter’ button after entering the search term. Yes, I’m aware, those past recurring tasks can be avoided by choosing ‘Incomplete’ in search options.

But, I’m talking about Search as you type, where you’re yet to hit ‘Enter’ button but still see the results, how can one hide these?

The quick search gives you a matching results according to Asana, you can’t interfere with what it returns here.

Exactly. That’s why from the first post, I’ve been asking for an option that hides the past recurring tasks completely from everywhere.