Hide task for certain period


Hi. Is there a way I can hide a task for a certain period? If such a feature is available, it would really help in decluttering my projects.


The easiest way I use all the time: assign to yourself, add a due Date and push to Later. The task will come back in Upcoming 7 days before due date. Push again to Later. Task will come back to Today on the Due date.


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Thank you for your response, Bastien. How do you “push to later”?


2 ways: in the interface (see attachment) or with Ctrl+L.
Have a look at https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/my-tasks it will change your life!


Thank you Bastien. This is certainly interesting.

I was looking for a way to hide tasks inside projects. I don’t work with ‘My tasks’. I work within projects. My primary job is to delegate and review things. So I have to work within 15 projects at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could hide some tasks for a certain period to reduce clutter in the projects.


I understand. Not possible but you can drag and drop some of them as subtasks of an “archive” project though.