Show/Hide Activity Feed

I do not see how to do this on my iPad or IPhone app. What am I missing?

But how do I hide the activity?

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Likewise, I’m looking to hide the activity feed. Please show me how to do this. Thx

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I would like to add my vote to this - I find the activity feed clutter to be one of the big disadvantages of Asana compared to other task management systems. Yes all the pointless comments can be removed by clicking the x on each line, one by one, but that’s a lot of xs to click on … How hard can it be to either make activity feed optional, or just (even better) have a little hide/show activity feeds button in account settings.

If that’s not possible, then at least the option to remove all activity feed clutter by clicking on one x, instead of having to click on every line/comment

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Any hint how to use the new feature? I could not find any information in the release notes, sorry.

Hi @Frank_Forsten, stories are automatically collapsed when you’ve more than three on one single task, you can easily unfold them by clicking on “Show x previous updates”. This feature came out in August, and you’re right, it looks like it wasn’t added to Release Notes so I’ve made a note for the team charge of them to look into it :slight_smile:

Thank you Marie - this works nicely, good idea!
Unluckily every comment in the task starts a new group of history entries:

So the stream of comments is still cluttered by the history entries.

Hi @Frank_Forsten and apologies for the delay in responding to you! I have checked in with the PM in charge of this launch and they’ve confirmed that this is an expected behaviour! If you’d like to see this feature behave differently, I would highly recommend creating a separate #productfeedback thread :wink:

I would really like this on mobile. Having all of the audit activity entries visible makes for a very cluttered experience.

I don’t understand the Activity Feed.

As a log is useless, since you can delete the logs (only creation time is not possible to delete).

Still, Asana insists on having it there in the middle of the task, when the reasonable thing is to put it after the comments (easiest solution) or make it possible to hide it.

But no, the Product Manager/Owner decided that is best to have it in the middle, and over-engineer a solution to make it only show the last 3 logs.

I really don’t get it and is REALLY annoying.

You should make logs fixed (meaning, not able to modify them), and just add the option to see them on the log, or something like that.


Crazy thing is that this has been reported in 2017, and still not a proper solution.

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What I meant to say with “see them on the log”, is maybe a menu option that says “Show log” and that it opens a new dialog box.

Wow, almost as many comments as votes! I would assume that means hundreds more would love to see this ‘feature’ go.
As someone trying to encourage Asana in my organization, these notes are a barrier to adoption & understanding. They’re distracting & of limited use. Would love if they were an online-only feature or could be blanket hidden in the app by default.

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This isn’t an ideal solution but it works:

  1. Download the Amino Chrome Extension.
  2. Make sure you have your Asana window active, right click anywhere on the screen and select Amino from the available options.
  3. At the top of the window that appears, be sure you have Domain selected and not page (that way your changes will apply to all of your Asana projects; otherwise, select Page if you want it to apply to only one project.
  4. Add the following to the Domain Level CSS
      .FeedMiniStory.TaskStoryFeed-miniStory {
         display: none;
  5. That’s it! Now you’re done. Your “mini-activities” will be hidden but your main activity changes will still exist (you can hide those as well if you want to find their CSS selectors). Your comments will also still be visible.

Again, I know this isn’t an ideal solution but given how inflexible the Asana platform is for its user base I gave up and started making my own changes where I could. Hopefully they’ll get around to giving us options one day.


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Use case:
I use Asana as a project management tool for product development. I collaborate with my team(s) using boards to keep track of different user stories, tasks, and other bits of info.
Pain point:
Being able to see the activity if someone else on the team updates something or whatever is helpful but because it isn’t collapsible or moveable, it can sometimes get really long and it’s easy to miss comments. I also can’t delete activity log history when others make changes.
Really not ideal but I delete every update in the activity log as I make changes. Because I can’t delete updates when someone else makes changes, the log can still get lengthy. This means that if I need to see when an update was made, I can’t. For us, the comments and content takes precedence over the activity log so it gets sacrificed.

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Most of the time Ionly want to cycle through comments but due to all the extra “system” messages like this

XXX added to Inbox.Nov 30
XXX added to Wachten op.Nov 30
XXX removed from Inbox.Nov 30
XXX added to @Djair.Nov 30
XXX unmarked today.Nov 30
XXX added to contacten.Tuesday
XXX changed the due date to Yesterday.Wednesday

it;'s very hard to get a quick read and I would appreciate a simple “on/off” button for it :wink:

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If a toggle to hide these isn’t feasible, I’d settle for a setting to turn them off altogether. They have no value to me and do clutter comments horribly.


I would LOVE if there was a way to turn it off too. It’s one of the first things I noticed when I started using Asana and I instantly wished there was a way to avoid it.

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Hi folks, I’m going to close this thread as most requests here have been addressed. Comments + stories are now automatically collapsed and will display the 3 latest updates. Yo can access previous comments and stories by clicking on “X more comments” as seen in the screenshot below.

Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!