Change to the change history?

Am I wrong or did tasks used to show a history of certain changes? For instance, I remember seeing among the comments on a task, information such as the take name being changed. I’m not seeing that now. Did something change or am I imagining that I saw that information? :sunglasses:

Hi @wreade, Thanks for your question. You are correct about the activity log always being visible. The good news is that change history is still visible, but there was a change in how it’s displayed. In the Comments section, you can now select whether you want to see only “Comments” or “All activity.” If you select “All activity,” a log of many adjustments to the task are displayed, including task name changes.

Additionally, if you select “All activity,” your choice will be persistent when you access other tasks, until you change it. See Set "All Task activity" by default - #51

I hope that’s helpful.


@David_Nelson, thanks for that info! I completely missed that change. Rock on!

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