Notifications/Date/time stamps not appearing when a task is moved/relocated

Something I just noticed today: date/time stamps not appearing when tasks get moved around to different sections or different projects.

For example, we use various categories within a project as such:

Drawings (project)

  • Drawings (section - these are new drawings/proofs that a client has requested)
  • Drawing Edits (section - when a client has seen a proof and responds with edits, the task moves here)
  • Internal Review (section - when we complete drawings for review, they go here prior to sending to the client, for internal review by our project manager)
  • Ready to Email (section - once Internal Review is complete, our project manager moves things down to this section and then the proofs get sent out to the client)
  • Awaiting Approval (section - once proofs are emailed to the client, the task moves to Awaiting Approval; then, if client comes back with edits, the task moves back up to the Drawing Edits section)
    Work Orders / Need To Order (projects - once a projects’ drawings are approved and ready for fabrication, the line art is created and the task moves to one of these other Asana projects for either in-house or fabrication or PO)

The problem I’m having is that the labels are no longer showing up when something is moved around. It used to say, for example, “Brian moved to Awaiting Approval 8/1/23 at 9 AM” or something along those lines. These notifications/date/time stamps are no longer showing. This info is extremely important for our tracking and prioritizing purposes.


Is it possible you’re part of the A/B test discussed here and are seeing this dropdown?


In which case you might need to switch from Comments to All activity to see those updates.

Oh, thank you so much, @Phil_Seeman! That does indeed appear to be the case. I wasn’t aware of that.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

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