Project Timeline Updates

Would like to request the feature (as I don’t think it is in place) to be able to update all dates of a project in one go when the project due date is moved.

For instance have an option to move the project out 1 month, and all tasks automatically move so that I don’t have to move all of them individually.

Currently if I move a task earlier, only those tasks with dependencies that are finish start with no break seem to move with, everything else remains the same. If I move a task later nothing else moves unless the finish of the task affects the start of the next and again there is no flex with the timelines.

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I am working on a tool for this, it would be a 3rd party tool (not embedded in Asana).

Awesome I hope it works!

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@Bastien_Siebman, please let me know when this tool is ready, I really need something like this!

having re-read your comment I now have noticed the 3rd party mention. My company restricts a lot of our 3rd party usage and so this may not actually help us.

Please Asana add the feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fresh out of the oven, I just released a tool to shift all start and due dates in a project by a given number of days. Let me know if that is useful!

I can’t use your tool sadly :frowning:

You can put me in touch with your admin if this helps.

I don’t know the admin for Amazon (unfortunately as you can appreciate it is a MASSIVE organisation).