Timeline/Schedule Functionality

The UI and UX for creating or change timing of tasks needs some major work. Especially when you have 30+ tasks spanning month, it’s literally painful. It’s almost confusing given the UX and UI dev asana has for other areas of the software. That said, I am curious if there are plans to add any of the below functionality? Right now my team is forced to use 2 sets of software, which seems very redundant considering Asana has timeline capabilities. The last time I asked our asana rep, I was advised to use Flowasana, which isn’t really offering the below functionality, but is technically better then what asana offers now.

  • Add dependencies to a task: You should be able to set the time dependency for a task in addition to picking the individual days that a task is done. Especially from a project template standpoint. Conversely, once a task has a dependency timing, if that task moves it should automatically adjust the subsequent tasks as the dependencies are set. (Smartsheets does a really good job at this)
  • Set Weekends as non-working days: Right now the only way to block projects from being scheduled on a weekend is when you first open a project template. However once a project is made, if you move task timing in timeline view it should automatically not schedule over a weekend. Furthermore from timeline view, the weekends are shown at a very pale grey. I typically move dates, in the timeline view and then have to use list view to double check all the dates line up and aren’t scheduled over weekends. Its double the work, because of that.
  • List View Functionality: Right now the only way to bulk move projects is within timeline view, however, if a tasks moves it should also be something that can be moved from list view. In timeline view, when you have a project that spans months with lots tasks. When you have a ton of tasks its hard to literally grab them all with your cursor, and makes for a terrible user experience.
  • How Dates are displayed: I am confused why dates display dates in multiple formats? Tasks within a few days display as the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…). However, beyond that tasks show as the Month and date XX/XX. This is awful from a legibility standpoint. Seems like its actually an accessibility issue. We have someone our team that is dyslexic and speaks english as a second language, its confusing for them to have to use both types of dates to discuss timing.
  • Gantt Chart within Timeline view: When looking at tasks in the timeline view the tasks don’t cascade in the typical stair step view. You can have tasks that have the exact same timing that aren’t close to each other with future tasks right next them. I am just not sure the logic that is being applied to this view. Why don’t tasks ALWAYS stair-step to the subsequent tasks? This is part of what makes selecting multiple tasks in timeline view hard.

Thanks in advance. Not meaning to sound harsh. I am hoping this criticism is helpful.

Hi @Brooke_Finan, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. We recommend creating a single post for each piece of feedback so that other users can add their votes specifically for what they would like to see.

Regarding the option to skip weekends when scheduling tasks, we do have an existing request for this feature which you can add your vote to below :slight_smile: