Increase Task Dependency Options

It would be really great if Asana could update options for task dependency to include more flexibility. Right now is everything is set in a finish to start dependancy. My team has many tasks that are actually a finish to finish or a start to start dependency. Right now we just choose to not show that dependency on the timeline view as it is too challenging to adjust the schedule as everything looks red when we overlap task days. It would also be great if when adjusting schedul on timeline view it took into consideration the different dependencies before moving a task date. .

  1. Finish to start (FS)
    Activity A must finish before activity B can begin or B can’t start until A has finished

  2. Finish to finish (FF)
    Activity A must finish before activity B can finish" or B can’t finish before A is finished

  3. Start to start (SS).
    Activity A must start before activity B can start or B can’t start until A has started

  4. Start to finish (SF)
    Activity A must start before activity B finishes or B can’t finish until A has started

These are great suggestions. But Timeline in asana isn’t the best way to manage schedule and task dependency at this stage. Either an integration to an 3rd party or using a Gantt chart using MS project can be considered at this stage. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is another topic relating to Timelines which sheds light on different issues with timeline in Asana.

I agree, I believe the Timeline will probably stay simple for a while and if you need a powerful Gantt, use another tool in addition.

so is there any way to add task dependency options such as finish to finish and or for example, schedule task B to start one month before Task A finishes?

Asana only has direct dependency, not timed dependency.

Finish-to-Finish feels like the most common and useful next level of sophistication without going the full PM tool capabilities.

Is there any Product Team appetite to support Finish-to-Finish?