Timeline Dependencies?



I recently upgraded to Asana Premium for the use of dependent tasks. However, what I was really hoping for were dependent timelines, meaning if task 2 is dependent on task 1 and task 1 is delayed, date ranges for task 2 get pushed back. For example:

Task 1 (Timeline = 1 week)
Task 2 dependent on task 1 (Timeline = 1 week)

Ideal: If task 1 is completed early / late, task 2 dates are updated following it’s 1 week turn around time.

Is this feature currently available? If not, is there any plan to add it in?


I have the same issue. Actually I bought Asana Premium aiming this feature…


Hey @Rodrigo_Wolff & @Sarah_from_BounceX,; Michael from Asana here!

This is a great suggestion, which I’m actually going to move over to our Product Feedback category, since what you’re asking is not available in- product just yet!

Great suggestion though!


Michael -

I would love this feature as well. I cannot find where this has been added in product feedback (it would be great to have a link to that in this thread). Can you help me find it so I can vote on it?


Hi @Kristen_Speth

Through a little moderator magic, it already appears in the Product feedback category :wink:
Don’t forget to click the vote button by the post title to have your vote count.

Hope this helps!


Yes!!! this please!

I’d like to see it work the other way as well (and should probably be optional as not all users would benefit from this).

If we move a date up, adjusting prior dates (as an option) would be amazing as well!!


Thanks for all the great feedback here. As Michael mentioned he added this to product feedback and we are actively working on improving Timeline, including thinking about auto-shifting dates. I wanted to make sure this team knew about our latest update to Timeline, the ability to draw dependencies between tasks. You can read more on our blog: https://blog.asana.com/2018/07/asana-timeline-draw-dependencies-between-tasks/


This feature is vitally important. Many platforms have it. I, frankly, see that my team failed in writing business requirements before purchasing if we’re on a platform without it.


Hi MIchael,
This is a super important feature for us. Any estimation when it will be available?
We planned to elaborate asana for more teams but we can’t do it without this feature.
I think it is a basic timeline feature where you postpone one task and the depended tasks will move accordingly.