Automatically shifting tendencies in Asana timeline for construction projects

I use Asana Premium for a small construction business, love it and would love to make it our sole platform rather than still needing Co-Construct (software to manage construction projects) for certain aspects. When I create dependencies in the project timeline in Asana (Ex: the task of framing being addressed is marked as dependent upon the lumber being delivered) I need Asana to automatically shift the dependancies for me when I edit the timeline so when I shift the task due date for the lumber being delivered, Asana will then automatically shift the due date for anything that I have marked as dependent on that task. Having to go in myself and manually shift the due dates of dependancies is keeping me tethered to Co-Construct. HELP!!! Does Asana have this capability, and if so, help me find it – thank you!

Hi @Amy_Kleissler and welcome to the forum!

Asana does not have this capability. You can accomplish what you want with my Flowsana integration, however. The “Auto-Adjust” workflow type will do exactly what you describe. You might also be interested in the “Dynamic Duration” workflow type, in which you create a template that defines a duration for each task without needing specific calendar dates; then every time you need a new project based on that template, you enter a project start or end date and all task dates are calculated and maintained for you ongoingly.

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Hi @Amy_Kleissler, this feature is now available in Asana :slight_smile: You can find more details in this article: