What's the easiest way to create interdependent milestones in Asana?

Hey Asana team! What’s the easiest way to create interdependent tasks in Asana in 2 projects? Lost game developer here. :thinking:

In our “Aztec game” project I want to create the Task 1: Aztec game launch.

Next, in our “Funding” project, I want us to start our Task 2: Raise funds for Maya game until our task 1 is complete. We cannot raise funds for the Maya game until the Aztec title is launched.

If our Aztec game needs more weeks to launch, I want our Raise funds task to automatically move its start date. What’s the easiest way to do this?

Mighty thanks from Mexico City!

Hi @Javier_Rayon! you can use our Task dependencies feature:

We also offer an option that automatically shift dates in Timeline view if a change occurs that results in an overlap in the dates of any of the tasks.

I hope this helps!

You can use dependencies for sure, but that won’t push the due date? @Emily_Roman trick only works for a single project timeline if I am correct, it does not push tasks from other projects, does it Emily?

You are right @Bastien_Siebman, the dates will be only automatically updated if you make the changes on Timeline view.

If the dependent task is multi-homed in two projects, and there is an overlap in the dates when you reschedule them in Timeline, the dependent task due date will be updated and the new due date will be reflected in all projects this task is homed. Is that what you meant here? :slight_smile:

If multi-homed yes. But a dependency that goes outside of the project will not result, I believe, in the “other” task being pushed. Correct?

Oh yes I see what you mean! Correct! Both tasks need to be associated with the same project and visible in Timeline for the auto-shifting feature to work. :raised_hands:

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FYI @Javier_Rayon, Flowsana can auto-shift dependent tasks regardless of what project(s) they’re in or even if they’re in different projects.

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