Dependencies between tasks of different projects

I usually have in my organization both internal and external projects. Many tasks of these projects are dependent from each others and I create the dependencies in Asana. No problem until here.
But when I use the Timeline and I change due dates, it does not change the dates in the dependent task of the other project, only in the same project.
Has anybody a clue how to manage in Asana to change due dates automatically when “Prevent depending conflict switch is activated”?
Thank you for you help.

Hi @Julen_Arzelus_IGARLE, thanks for reaching out.

This is the criteria for auto-shifting dependencies: Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Are your tasks meeting these criteria, specifically does the date change of the preceding task overlap with the dependent task?

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath and thanks for your reply.
I already use auto-shifting dependencies inside a project. But what I have is a task depending on a task which belongs to a different project. I have customer external project with some tasks and an internal project with tasks. The external project’s tasks depends on internal project’s tasks.
But when I change due dates of the internal tasks, external ones do not change automatically.

Hi @Julen_Arzelus_IGARLE,

It’s not possible in Asana to have a dependency shift the date of a dependent task in another project. Dependency-shifting is only available in the Timeline view, which only covers one project.

There are two possible solutions I can suggest:

  • You can multi-home the dependent task so that it lives in both projects; that way, when you shift its dependency, the dependent will be in the same project and its date will shift.

  • You can use our Flowsana integration, which does dependency-shifting regardless of what project the dependency and its dependent are in. (However, I do have to caution that building a workflow where dependency relationships span multiple projects can sometimes be challenging for users to work with. It just introduces extra complexity and less visibility to the overall workflow.)

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Hi @Phil_Seeman, I appreciate your reply.
For me it would be a great advance if Asana would cover more than one project for dependencies, in Timeline view. I know that, in case of many projects, it could be difficult to manage.

The root cause of my need is that, due to Asana set up, I cannot use just one project for which indeed is just one project. I need to manage some internal tasks which cannot be viewed by the customer. And I only arrived to do is created double projects (external and internal) in Asana for just 1 real project. As far as I know, Asana do not allow to show only some tasks of the project to some users, excepting through “Assigned” field, which is not enough for me.
If I create multi-home the dependent tasks as you are proposing, customer will also see internal tasks and I cannot do that.

Thank you.