Same Day Dependencies not moving once parent dates are changed.


When scheduling our projects, majority of our tasks have dependencies. However, if I schedule task A on a particular day (eg. 1.1.20) and Task B (with a dependency on Task A) is also scheduled on 1.1.20 the dependencies are marked red. If the date of Task A changes to 3.3.2020, then Task B stays at 1.1.2020

Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t all tasts that are dependent on each other move together? Eg if Task A moves 3 days, then so will Task B as they are dependent on each other?

Hi @Alex_Rajkowski and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands, date auto-shifting for dependant tasks only work if the changes are made from the Timeline view, you can learn more about this feature in the following article:

If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend you to check out Flowsana which you may also be interested in!

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