Automatic Cascading Due Dates for Dependencies

If tasks are linked and the due date for one task changes, it would be wonderful if the dependent tasks automatically updated their due dates as well. Right now it’s an INCREDIBLY manual process and I’m spending way too much time making updates to due dates when a project changes priority/gets delay/etc.

@Alyssa_Craig, Were you aware this is coming:

It was in the process of being rolled out, but is now still being worked on, though expected soon.



I don’t have access to that link but from what I can see that’s very exciting news! Thank you so much.

@Alyssa_Craig, Whoops…sorry about that. I just edited the post to correct the link; you should be able to access it now:



Hi @Alyssa_Craig,

Are you looking to have all of a task’s dependent tasks adjust when that dependency’s date changes, or just those dependent tasks which would be in conflict (i.e. overlap) when that dependency is changed?

If it’s the latter (only conflicts), then definitely the new Asana feature Larry pointed out is just what you need! If it’s the former, Asana will not do that, but you might take a look at my Flowsana integration which does adjust all dependents.


Ahh yes I was looking for ALL of the task’s dependent tasks to adjust. Bummer. But it sounds like it’s a step in the right direction.

Thank you!

You might want to check out Flowsana then, as it does exactly that.

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