How do I change a due date that effect depend tasks?

If I have a project that has been delayed and the tasks depend on one another, how can I delay all tasks based on the original task due date?

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I don’t think there is an automatic way to do this in Asana, but I believe there is an integration that can. Try Flowsana.


Actually Sendana Date will shift your entire project very easily for you.Sendana Tools-Sendana Date-Now you can rollback or rollforward all the dates of your projects or templates - #4 by James_Carl

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Thanks, @Katie_Reynolds!

Hi @Sonia_Mastros, to clarify: if you’re wanting to shift all of the start and due dates for all of a project’s tasks by a particular set number of days, you should check out Sendana Date as James mentions.

If you’re wanting to update the start and/or due date for a particular task and have all of its dependent tasks automatically shift by that same number of days, then you’ll want the Auto-Adjust Workflow capability of Flowsana as Katie mentioned.


@Sonia_Mastros. @Phil_Seeman is exactly correct. Sendana Date was built for static all task date shifts aimed at templates and full project delays or acceleration, whereas Phil’s integration functions dynamically throughout the entire project workflow cycle should any dependent date change down to the individual task level throughout the entire execution life of a project.


I all closing this thread as we’ve now a solution to address this issue both in all Asana projects! have a look at these two announcements to learn more:

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