Dependant Tasks and automating changes of dates

We have a new product stage gate process where tasks in our process are dependant on the previous task finishing.

Where the date of a prior task is delayed we want to be able to automatically move the dates of every other task out. It seems we need to do things manually which is taking our team a lot of time. It seems this should be something that could be automateD? am I missing a function?

Hi @gareth3, great question! :slight_smile:

Dates for precedent and dependent tasks can automatically be updated if a change occurs that results in an overlap in the dates of any of the tasks. This can be done from your timeline view!

You can find more info how this works here:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks. We know we can do it from Timeline -we just dont use Timeline thats all - any reason why its not possible to do it just by changing the actual task - its a real roadblock for us on using Asana

HI @gareth3 whilst not within Asana their is a Integration tool Flowsana that should be able to do what you require. @Phil_Seeman



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Thanks Jason. We tried Flowsana but it just didnt work. Will keep looking.

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Hi @gareth3,

Not sure if you filed any Flowsana support tickets but I’m happy to work through what didn’t work with you if you’d like. (Also some changes were made to the Auto-Adjust logic not too long ago, that might make a difference.) Feel free to email support at flowsana dot net if appropriate.

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Phil - think you worked with Micah and Anton. They said it just couldnt work. Iwill ask them again

There are 3 Micahs in the Flowsana support system so not sure who it was. :laughing: If they do want to give it another shot, I’m happy to work on it with them. If not, I understand.

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