Rigid dependencies

Forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere, but is there a way of making dependencies fixed or rigid, so that if you move the first part of a task ahead 3 days, the dependent task automatically moves forward three days?

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Great question! Dates for precedent and dependent tasks can automatically be updated if a change occurs that results in an overlap in the dates of any of the tasks. This can be done from your timeline view only.

You can take a look at our Guide here for illustration:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

HI Rebecca, the problem I have with the default dependency is that if I move a precedent task forward, say, 3 days, but movement of that precedent task does not result in an overlap with the dependent task, the dependent task doesn’t move. What I want is a rigid dependency so that if the precedent task is moved a certain number of days, the dependent task moves that same amount. Is that possible?

HI @Matthew_Burns, thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately, the dependent tasks won’t be automatically shifted unless there is an overlap. We do have an existing thread on this feature request in the Forum so I would suggest adding your vote here:

As a workaround, you might find the Flowsana integration helpful as auto-shifting dependent tasks (without an overlap) is possible with this app! :slight_smile:

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