Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks when dates changed in list/board view.

As the title suggests, it would be great if auto-shifting dates would also work when updating dates in list and board view. Ideally, I could change a date from My Tasks and have this auto-update dependent tasks instead of having to click into the project timeline view and update in there.

Great request @Jamie_Russell1! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’ll keep you posted once I have news about this feature.

Hi @Jamie_Russell1,

FYI this capability is available in Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust workflow type. You can change a task’s start/due dates from any view and all tasks which are dependent on it will be shifted by the same number of days.

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My guess is that it only happens in Timeline because you “see” the change. In Asana, there is never anything changing “in the background” as it could create a lot of problems…

I reported similar feedback, along with the basic needs of content managers, here:

My jerry-rig was to create a Google Sheet with [=workday(date,-days needed)] used throughout to spit out the dates, plus a cute visual timeline with the Bubble Chart according to this tutorial:

I then manually copy each of these dates into Asana, preferably over a Scotch :neutral_face: