Introducing a new option to shift dependent tasks in your Timeline

Hi all,

We’re so excited to introduce you to “Lag shifting”, a new option to help you auto-shift dependent tasks in your Timeline while maintaining some buffer.

Until now, you had the option to prevent dependency conflicts when moving tasks with dependencies on your timeline - which is called slack shifting.

With this new update, we’re allowing you to do the same thing while maintaining a buffer between tasks. This is called lag shifting.

Practically, if Task B is dependent on Task A and they have a 4 day gap between them, pushing Task A forward 3 days will also push Task B forward 3 days, maintaining the 3 day gap.

Here is an animation showing you slack shifting and lag shifting in action:


Please note that auto-shifting is only available in the Timeline view. If you’d like to this feature in other view, please upvote this feature request.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback and how you plan to leverage this feature as part of your workflow. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

This new feature is rolling out gradually. It is currently available to 10% of our users, and should become available to everyone by the end of the week!

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This feature is now rolled out to all Asana customers! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback :slight_smile:


Nice add. Any plans to add more functionality around weekend dates? I’d like to be able to shift a timeline while factoring in non-working days like weekends. Right now if I have a long timeline that needs to shift it’s a lot of manually work since there’s no way to perfectly shift dates to resolve weekend issues.


Helle @AndreMoore, good news we built this feature and just released it :wink:


Such a great feature!!

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I don’t understand why when we select this option in the timeline it doesn’t work in the list view. We should have the option to select it or not in the list view because some people will set up their projects with specific due dates and will want to keep the same buffer in all dependent tasks… when now we either have to go on the timeline or change all dates manually in th elist


I’d like to mention, that the shifting of dependent tasks is not working neither in the personal inbox or in the my task section.

Inbox or my task view task:

It is working in the list view. (Unfortunately I can’t upload two pictures to show you).

Will this functionality of shifting dependent task be extended for the Inbox or my tasks view in the future?

This only works on the task level, correct? Will it ever work on the subtask level?

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Having the ability to set working days and not just weekends would be great! Our company runs on a 4 day week so we have to manually shift all tasks off Fridays.