Changing one due date to change multiple due dates.

It would be awesome if two tasks could be linked somehow so that when you changed the due date of one, it automatically changed the due date of the other.

For example, you could have Task B with a due date of “three weeks after Task A.”

Then, if you changed the due date of Task A, the due date of Task B would automatically change to match.

Is this functionality currently possible?

Hi @Jordan_Kahn, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

There are currently no native Asana rules that can achieve this for you but perhaps Flowsana might be able to achieve this!

Is this possible, @Phil_Seeman? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jordan_Kahn

You can do that by setting dependencies. Asana will not keep the lag of 3 weeks if task A is late.
But if you connect your project to Instagantt, then it’s possible because Instagantt has an option to keep lag between tasks.

Maybe @Phil_Seeman will have another solution with Flowsana.


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There’s also the option of creating a (pseudo) task named “Lag Time” and making it 3 weeks duration, then chaining the tasks like this: A → Lag Time → B. May work for some users.


Hi @Jordan_Kahn,

As others have mentioned, but to expand a bit…

  1. You can do this to a limited degree in Asana using dependencies. In your example, if you set a dependency so that Task B is dependent on Task A, then when you move Task A’s date, Task B will change but only under two conditions: (a) you have to move Task A on the Timeline view (Task B won’t be adjusted if you change Task A from anyplace else than Timeline) and (b) it will only shift Task B if by changing Task A you cause an overlap with Task B’s dates.
  2. It’s pretty kludgy IMO but you could use Stephanie’s workaround.
  3. As Julien mentions, you could use Instagantt.
  4. As several have mentioned, you can use my Flowsana integration. It has two types of workflows that can achieve what you want: the simplest one is Auto-Adjust, where if you move Task B by X days, Flowsana will move Task B by the same number of days - this is kind of similar to #1 above except that (a) it works in any view, not just Timeline and (b) it will move Task B regardless of whether there is an overlap or not. There is also a Dynamic Duration type of workflow you can build, where instead of dates, you specify a Duration for each task and also optionally a Lag Time (that would be the “3 weeks” in your example).

Hello @Jordan_Kahn, this is now possinle with Introducing a new option to shift dependent tasks in your Timeline :slight_smile: