Change Task due date based on due date of other tasks

Hey Guys,

I have an use case where I want due date of a task in one project changed based on the changes in due dates of a group of sub tasks or tasks.

Is there any feature/app/workflow in Asana that can help me with this?

Murali B


I believe that if you multi-homed the dependent task in the second project to the first project, set dependencies among the tasks involved, and made the date change in Timeline view, you would effect the due date change to the task in the second project.

Hope that helps, because I think that’s the only way natively, though maybe could help (/cc @Phil_Seeman).


Hi @Murali_Siddappa_Badi,

It’s a very broad question and it’s a little unclear as to exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish; I think you’d need to provide some more detail./specifics. Are you wanting to have the dependencies go across multiple projects; that seems hinted at but I’m not sure? If there are subtasks involved, where do they come into play, since subtasks require some different handing than top-level tasks?