Dependent tasks date change prompt while changing main task

Whenever a task due date it is very logical that asana should prompt to change all the tasks where this particular tasks is blocking it.

E.g :
Task 1 due date was on Day 1
Task2 due date has a dependency on Task 1

Whenever Task1 due date is extended there is a direct impact on task2 and user should be aware of it.

I have seen this feature in the other project management tool and it works very well.

If in case of delay in Task1 and a user is changing a due date of task 1. Task 2 due date should be prompted to be changed. Currently task 2 likely becomes overdue and one has to analyse and then understand the reason.

@Emily_Roman if this request does not exist, it should be moved into product feedback. I am pretty sure it does exist though :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe we already offer this feature for dependent tasks. The assignee of the dependent task will receive notifications when the precedent task has its due date changed or removed :slight_smile: Let me know if this is what you are trying to achieve!

It is not about the notification for the dependent users.

The precedent task should be aware of the impact when he is changing the due end date and pop up should be for him to change the end date of the dependent task. Even better would be if system suggested new Due date based on the number of days changed on the precedent task.