Auto-shifting dates on dependent tasks

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the bug you’re experiencing: dependent tasks due dates not updating

Steps to reproduce: Update the due date of a task in the FIRST POP-UP WINDOW. The dates are then already changed in the second pop-up window (after clicking the blue Update button) . The second window seems to be the dates that needs to have a change status in order to update dependent tasks.

I then have to remember the old dates and change them back. I then have to go back into the Due dates field and NOT update the dates on the first window, but instead click the blue Update button and change the dates there only in order for it to change the due dates of all dependent tasks. It seems the proper way is to click on the blue Update button first and ONLY change the due dates there if you want to change the dates for a task and its dependent tasks. Perhaps this is not a bug, but rather not intuitive user interface instead.

I have maintain buffer status enabled.

Browser version: FIREFOX 123.0.1 - PRIVATE WINDOW

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)? STARTER

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@Vanessa_N, Carey and I worked together today. For this request, I think it’s a UI issue more than a bug.

First, there’s not enough clarity in the initial dialog, and some users, including Carey, changed the date on that dialog, then clicked Update.

Second, users who make that mistake are really derailed for two reasons: 1) they see Save is inactive (technically that makes sense with the design approach, but it’s a usability trap) and can’t figure out how to make it active without choosing the wrong date for them!, and 2) it’s too late to discard changes and revert, so they have to conjure the original date somehow.

I know the goal of the first dialog is likely to cover two use cases: offer the dependency change option, but don’t add a step to bypass it. If this first dialog isn’t going to change, at least adding a hover tooltip on the second dialog Save button explaining the predicament would help.




Seconding @lpb on this, as people within our org have been really confused by the UI in the list view specifically. It definitely doesn’t feel intuitive to me, either.

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Yes, in the list view, the default status seems to be “none” regardless if you have “maintain buffer” or “consume buffer” selected. Only if you click on the blue Update button FIRST does that activate your buffer selection for changing dates. If you don’t understand that and change the date before clicking the blue Uodate button - you’ve just messed up the dependency dates because it’s treating it as “none”.

Maybe if a task or subtask has a dependent task only, the default pop-up window is “Do you want to update dependent tasks?” And THEN it sends you to a calendar to change the dates either for dependent tasks based on your buffer settings, or it just updates the selected task date only.

At least I now understand how it functions. Thanks!


Thank you for reporting this. I’m filing a request with our Developers so they can help, and as soon as I have any updates I’ll let you know!


Thanks @Vanessa_N

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience. Our Developers have confirmed that this is not a bug, and in fact, as @anon41631776 mentioned, the proper way is to click on the blue Update button first and ONLY change the due dates there if you want to change the dates for a task and its dependent tasks.

Although they’ve confirmed this is not a bug, they’ve noted this feedback to make the UI more clear in a future update.


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